Chael Sonnen Sounds Off in Open Letter to Fans

Chael Sonnen Sounds Off in Open Letter to Fans


Sonnen after earning his no. 1 contender spot vs. Nate Marquardt UFC 109
Sonnen after earning his no. 1 contender spot vs. Nate Marquardt UFC 109

With the biggest fight of his life less than four weeks away and a legion of fans and fighters awaiting his supposed demise, Chael Sonnen has found a measure of solace alone in the spotlight.

On August 7, Sonnen will face Anderson Silva for the middleweight title at UFC 117. Until then, he is insistent on remaining one of the most polarizing figures in MMA. He entertained the crowd with stand-up comedy before UFC 115, but also angered Silva fans with his comic-book bravado. His negativity towards Silva, considered by many to be the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world, has also drawn him into a war of words with Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, and teammate Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. In June, Sonnen quietly pulled out of the Oregon congressional race while loudly engaging in an interview fiasco – for lack of a better term – with a MMA journalist.

Heavily repudiated but never duplicated, Sonnen turned up the heat in an open letter to his “fans” on Wednesday:

“Hi, everybody! Remember me? Your ol’ buddy Chael? Y’know I spend most of my time fightin’, which doesn’t leave much time for writin’, but things being what they are, I’ve decided to take a moment or two, and fire up the ol’ Olivetti typewriter, put in a fresh ribbon, and share some of my recent thoughts with you….

Firstly, I’ve gotten a significant amount of feedback regarding my “correspondence” with MMA…..”Journalist” Jon Lane…So….To any and all members of the media: I’m always happy to talk and share my time and ideas with you. And I appreciate your efforts in contacting me, and instead of ‘circling the wagons’ around a “fellow journalist”, for applauding my efforts to….FIX things. Do me a favor, guys. Don’t be so hard on JonJon. He’ll get it. Bring him along, help him out here & there. I kinda like him. And Jon…..No hard feelings. Really. If you re-read our correspondence in the cold, hard, light of day, you’ll see I was trying to….HELP you.

I never expected you to be Umberto Eco; but those questions… guy! I mean COME ON. So buck up, little soldier. If you fall off, just get right back on – even if it’s only a keyboard you’re getting on.

And Lil’ Nog…..I read your appraisal of the upcoming fight betwixt your pal Anderson and yours truly and, I’ll be damned, you are one sharp dude…. about as sharp as a bag of wet mice.

Do yourself a favor: have your mouthpiece permanently installed in your mouth so you can’t speak at all. Have them feed you with a tube like a coma patient. You’re not doing Anderson any good and you’re sinking your own ship too. You say I’m not qualified to fight Anderson…Which means that the UFC brain trust – that thinks I AM and are also YOUR BOSSES — are idiots. It also means Ed Soares – Anderson’s manager and YOUR MANAGER TOO – doesn’t know what he’s doing, either. Smooth, guy. Very smooth. Do you have any other brilliant ideas or scathing critiques you care to impart to the UFC Brass or your own manager? Maybe that shot Sokodjou hit you with was worse than it looked (if that’s even possible).

You seem like a nice enough guy, and I have no real beef with you (Oh, and speaking of beef: If you can turn your disk over at the Rodizio once in awhile and get down to “185,” there’s gonna be a new sheriff there in less than a month who’ll be happy to ride you right back out of town on a rail). So please see this as the kind of well-intentioned advice I would give to a friend or training partner. And if you lose a few (you looked like Roy Nelson in a Frankenstein mask for that Brilz fight… which you lost, buddyboy), we can scrap in the Fall.

And Ed, I saw your recent comments. Not bad work. Hats off. You come across as professional and accountable in every respect…which makes your inability to control, explain or denounce Anderson’s behavior quite puzzling to me. THAT’S one of the main reasons we are where we are with all this: because you can’t make him fight.

You can’t explain why he does what he does and you refuse to give a consistent, rational explanation for it. It’s like you keep trying to sell the kids faulty fireworks that turn around after 10 feet and come screaming back and hit them in the eye or blow their hands off.

Are you aware that you represent the generally acknowledged best fighter in the world in the premier promotion on planet Earth and that the president of that company has promised to FIRE HIM for his behavior?

Aren’t you just a little embarrassed by that?

And that’s got NOTHING to do with me, or even this fight.

Imagine: Your team is on the two-yard line in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, but your star quarterback disregards the head coach’s instructions and calls a play where he throws the ball to a popcorn vendor in the sixth row, then eats a piece of turf and craps in his helmet on the 50-yard line.

Do you know who he’s REALLY mad at? NOT the fans or the opposing team…he’s mad at daddy; he’s mad at the coach!


What causes that encoded hostility?

Is your fighter insane? If he is – and you therefore cannot reasonably predict his behavior – isn’t it incumbent upon YOU to find a way to fix it?

Don’t you owe that to the sport?

To the fans?

To his boss, Dana White?

And lastly… don’t you owe a debt to HIM and his long-term psychological well-being? Shouldn’t you get him the help he needs, before one of his irrational, unexplainable acts causes himself or someone else genuine harm? If he’s irrational and uncontrollable, put him in a psych ward. If he’s fine, prove it by giving a legitimate, rational, explanation for his actions in Abu Dhabi. I’m the one who has to fight him.
What’s going on, exactly?

…OK kids…….Chael has to go get all sweaty again.”


  1. wow, you just dont know when to shut up do you? Look, even if the fans dont agree with you, your antics can be entertaining from time to time, but your just that kind of guy who has to push it wayyy to far. I was already pissed about your comments regarding Muay Thai, which by the way means thai Boxing, muay means boxing, something you might want to research next time before you decide to insult an entire culture, but now I am just disgusted. Learn some fucking respect, these are great warriors your insulting, people who have done twice as much as you have ever done in a cage, and its because of them that the sport has grown enough for arrogant assholes like yourself to even compete on the big stage. So why dont you cool it for a second, and only insult the people you are actually trying to fight, if your soo good, and the LHW division is a joke, then do something about it, don’t ask for them to come down to you, your a wrestler, gain some weight and make a real statement, but until then, shut your mouth, and know your place.

  2. Can’t wait for this fight! Chael: Good luck bro! Set up those shots against the cage GSP style and you will be the new UFC champ. Anderson: Please give us the fight we all know you are capable of and use that insane lateral movement to defend takedowns and strike, but not to go Forest Gump. If you both do this you can get fight of the night bonusses and all of the respect in the MMA world

  3. nah. unconvincing.

    Imagine: silva doing all that stuff on the two-yard line ’cause he’s mad at his daddy for not giving him a real game to win – dw/ufc – and so silva does the stuff he does ’cause he is so far ahead and winning the game that he can afford to goof off. who wins those fights? anderson silva does. everytime. every fight in the ufc. every fight the ufc give silva – silva wins. with ease.

    that’s what i looks like out here in the real world. silva doesn’t have any competition.

    i HOPE chael is who he says he is so that we can see just how good silva is. but so far it seems that the only thing chael is better at than silva is speaking english.

    let’s see ya do it chael. my money’s on silva though.

  4. I really must say that I truly enjoy it when Chael Sonnen is given the oppurtunity to express himself. He has proven not just by hsi words but by his actions that he deserves to be in the Octagon with the likes of Silva. He is a world class athelete and fighter and after Silva’s last deplorable display of disrespect to not only his opponent but the fans and UFC, I hope Soonen embarrases Silva and strips him of his title.

  5. what a big mouth this guy has…
    cant wait until this looser gets his ass kick! i will be so fun!
    i hope the spyder plays with him for 3 rounds, and then finally finish him!

  6. hey dave, “spider-fag” can’t finish nobody thesedays, Chael is gonna bully him around and retire this god-damned joke A.S. It’s about time someone exposes this fraud for what he really is!

  7. I thought it’s been fairly obvious that Silva’s actions in the ring have been because his opponents REFUSE TO FIGHT HIM. He didn’t act that way toward Rich Franklin or Dan Henderson, Marquardt or Lutter. He got the belt, cleaned out all the real contenders (read that ‘people willing to fight him’) and has since been bored out of his mind by the competition. His opponents have been insistent on fighting on the ground- which is fine- except that they can’t get him to the mat. Demian Maia at least started out with an honest effort, but after getting licked a few times in the attempt to get Silva to the mat it seems he just decided he didn’t want to be there.
    Typically, in most combat sports, the idea of a championship fight is that the challenger must come and TAKE AWAY the belt and the champion must DEFEND THE ATTACK or stop it altogether. Lately opponents have been showing up, playing offense for as little as the first 2-3min. and then playing defense for the rest of the match. Silva is IN NO WAY obligated to come down to the mat to beat them. It defies logic. Why risk losing the belt by taking such an action if no action on your part allows you to retain the belt?

    Now: as for Chael… Chael is a business major. He is doing what any good business major would do (should that person be a fighter also); he is hyping his fight. His visibility in this fight, win or lose, could allow him a rubber match or at least to remain in contendership. He plays the game A LOT like Matt Huges (anyone see the similarities there? Cocky, All-American type who acts humble but is really quite pompous?) Props to both sides, actually for stirring up more shit than has been stirred up in the MMA world in a while. God, this stupid war of words has taken over damn near every message board out there. I won’t be surprised if this fight gets more ppv buys than Carwin/ Lesnar.

    Now, the reality of this fight:

    Chael has not shown any terribly memorable destruction of any of his opponents (at least not in recent memory- and definitely not within the memory of the casual MMA fan). All anyone needs to remind them of how dangerous Silva can be is a picture of post-fight Rich Franklin. Besides, look how the skills stack up: Chael Sonnen is strongest on the top position on the ground, winning via strikes and occasional submission. Silva has proven he can fight anywhere and he even beat Lutter and more notably, Henderson (who’s style is similar to Chael’s) from his back.

    I don’t see anyone short of Randy Couture beating Silva any time soon…

  8. Well, I don’t like Silva because just like Chael has said before, Silva understands English and will not speak English but disrespects us Americans by not doing it. I believe Chael is a true American, he is wanting to serve his country by public office. I’m sure he would do what’s good for us. Chael is one hell of a fighter. Look at his record. They both have lots of wins. You don’t get those by not kicking ass. Once he kicks The English listening, Non English speaking Silvas ass All us true Americans can celebrate. Goona be a sweet nite. I got your back Sonnen. Be smart, watch the knees. Work in angles. Watch lowering your head in a straight line. Shit you don’t need me to tell you what to do. That’s what you have trainers for. Besides, your smart you can come up with one hell of a game plan all on your own. Always remember, you deserve this fight. When you win, everybody will be calling you a badass. I’m glad your standing up for yourself. Confidence will win you this fight.

  9. Chael, in your rants you really come across as a poor-man’s Matt Lindland. You sound a lot like him but
    you’re just not as good at it as him. Anyway, even though I find your comments a little over the top I am
    still hoping that you kick the shit out of Anderson and all the naysayers. Show em that wrestling is truly
    the best base for mma when applied properly.

  10. Sonnen’s end comes soon. He’s a loudmouth and lackluster fighter. All he has is his ridiculous fantasy that he is great, and Anderson SIlva will end that and put sonnen out of our misery.

  11. i LOVE Chael’s wit. i think it’s just DAMN amusing. Anderson DOES owe us for Abu Dhabi, @least that’s how I feel. or let’s say Dana WHITE, owes us, (to make it “fair.”) anyway, unless he pins Silva down for FIVE, not 3, FIVE FIVE minute rounds and either GnP’s w/SEVERE caution, or it’s just flat out Lay-n-Pray, Anderson’s gonna punch and kick the shit out of him, just as he has so many before time and time again. as for the cheap shot on Muai Thai, i hope Silva punches him right in the pussy. i mean face. whatever.

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