FIGHT! Life: The Diaz Brothers – Bad Rep (VIDEO)

FIGHT! Life: The Diaz Brothers – Bad Rep (VIDEO)


Last Saturday, Nick and Nathan Diaz lived up to their reputation as loose cannons when they took part in a post-fight brawl with Jason Mayhem Miller on national TV. In part 2 of this FIGHT! Life series, the Diaz brothers set the record straight on why they don’t have any love for their opponents.

Produced and directed by Matthew Ross. Camera: Marc Rizzo and Randy Ward. Edited by Ryan Jackson-Healy and Ashley Cahill. Music by Jacques Brautbar.


  1. LOL….. I think it was stupid that he couldn’t answer the question… you got my loves boys..

  2. I think their answers were stupid for the most part. Lack of brain cells perhaps. Keep up the great work FIGHT!

  3. These guys are about the two most illiterate idiots I’ve ever witnessed. People continue to stick microphones/cameras in their face because they know they are going to say something outrageous or something laughable. They are caricatures and they don’t even know it. They may be good fighters (surely not great) but certainly don’t reflect well on a sport that is trying to grow and appeal to a more mainstream audience. Guys like this will go by the wayside so that others can reap the benefits (more $) of a bigger audience. Currently they have fans because they appeal to the lowest common denominator; blue collar, stoner dude, with too much testosterone… or the borderline gang wannabe that thinks the sport of MMA is a street fight on TV. As far as their participation in the Strikeforce post-fight “brawl”…… Strikeforce gets what they deserve. As does any promoter that allows these dumb asses to be a part of their show. You already know they have a warped sense of right and wrong…. what would make anyone think they would represent the “sport” or the promoter well. Time for the Diaz brothers to be gone…….

  4. “Trys to kill you up like that?” Seriously? Did he really say that? Welcome to MMA boyz, and congratulations for showing the world how stupid you really are! Why would you say “Good luck” to someone you’re fighting? Its called “sportsmanship”. A little thing that goes a long way, especially in the public view. And, because if you’ve trained hard enough, they’ll need more than their own skill to beat you. They’ll need luck to stop you from beating them. THATS WHY. Freakin imbeciles. Learn a little from older fighters that have class. SERIOUSLY.

  5. You guys are critical of two great fighters. What because they don’t speak like you, you’re so great?! Give me a break!
    And the last question was stupid, stupid because neither would answer and the interviewer should know it.

  6. Completely agree with above post. It’s amazing how critical people are of these two fighters. So what if they don’t sound or look like you. I can guarantee they didn’t grow up like you. They’re out there being themselves and fighting for a living. Do any of these keyboard warriors actually train?

  7. I agree with the last post but at the same time it is a good idea to learn to have some respect for the sport. It can’t grow with people under the impression that its human cock fighting.

  8. I fucking love watching the diaz bros fight and do these interviews. These guys are fighters not athletes and
    there’s a huge difference between the two. An athlete will try to score points, give a performance, and
    do what it takes to wow sponsors. These guys just show up to kick ass and impose their will inside the cage
    and that’s what is so great about them.

  9. @felipe try growing up in one of the most dangerous cities in america were education comes second to not getting your ass kicked id like to see how you would turn out

  10. i like the diaz brothers. nothing wrong with them. they love fighting, so what? their very good. more power to the two of them. ill watch them everytime they fight!

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