FIGHT! UK Free Digital Preview Available Now!

FIGHT! UK Free Digital Preview Available Now!




As FIGHT! continue to expand globally and further establish ourselves as the number-one mixed martial arts magazine in the world, the step has been taken to produce a UK-specific edition with all of the same high-quality content you’ll get in the US edition and an abundance of domestic and topical British features.

“At FIGHT! we are committed to providing the best content in the world for the millions of fans of MMA,” says Editor-in-Chief Donovan Craig. “Today we’re excited to bring the same commitment to quality and passion for the sport that have made us the leading title in the U.S. to our UK edition.”

The sport has seen a meteoric rise in Blighty, with stars such as TUF 3 winner Michael Bisping, Dan Hardy, Paul Daley and many more bringing the sport to the forefront. As the authority for industry participants and fans alike, FIGHT! are set to invade the land and hit newsstands imminently.

The UK staff is hard at work on the first print issue of FIGHT! UK but as a thank you to our loyal readers and fans we are offering a free digital preview of the magazine – that’s right, a full-blown, full-size issue of FIGHT! UK, for free, on your computer, right now. Inside you’ll find fresh, exclusive content, like FIGHT! UK editor Jay Furness’ cover story on WEC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo.

We’re extremely proud of what FIGHT! UK has accomplished in a short time and even more excited about what they will accomplish in the coming months. Look for the premiere print offering in May, but until then, enjoy the free digital preview here. Thanks for reading, wherever you are.


  1. Hi, Can you send me an advertising rate card and any media pack you have for the UK edition of the magazine?

    Many Thanks

  2. Will the US edition still appear on UK shelves? I’m not sure if it currently does, but I remember seeing it at some point.

    Personally, I’d rather read the “proper” US version.

    • No. With production costs and shipping being what they are it just doesn’t make sense to send the US version when we have a talented team of guys in the UK – you’ll still get most of what appears in the US version, you’re just getting more UK-specific coverage on top of it. Thanks for reading!

  3. If you’re subscribing from the UK can you choose the US edition? I don’t really care for more UK-specific coverage – if the fighters or events are good enough they’ll appear in the US edition anyway.

  4. I heard it is done by the same people who did MMA Unlimited magazine so if thats the case I would just not bother right now as they started out well but turned out

    Pitty as Fight is a good magazine, not enough room for another UK MMA mag these days

    • We look forward to changing your mind, Mr. T. There is room in any market for an excellent product. Thanks for reading!

  5. I currently get the U.S Edition of FIGHT and am being charged at £3,95 whereas the subscriptions rate in the U.C work out about 1.90 a mag. As that is a massive difference will the U.K edition be dearer

  6. The way subscriptions work in the US is different to the way it works in the UK hence they can do them a lot cheaper, but when the UK edition hits shelves you will make a substantial saving from the cover price with a subscription and probably earn yourself something pretty for signing up!

    The print issue is due out in May, we look forward to bringing another quality publication to the UK and hope we can satisfy the needs of the MMA fans with both worldwide and domestic content.

  7. Any contact details for the UK edition please – as I subscribed to the MMA Unltd mag they made and was promised my 12 months subscription would be transferred to fight uk but no one answers the old email address. Thanks

  8. hi,I also had subscribed to MMA Unltd.I also have been promised a 12mont subscriptoion to Fight! uk edition. And was wondering when the first issue will be published. cheers

  9. Is this magazine ever coming out-I think you’re losing the early May window!!!!

    We’re desperately in need of another good mma magazine over here as Fighting Fit is a complete rip-off at over £4 an issue which is ridiculous especially for the size of the mag.
    (I hope that Fight magazine will be competitively priced over here)

    Many thanks

  10. I’m yet to hear from MMA Unltd or Fight! either, despite me paying for a full years subscription, i must have emailed 10 different people!

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