Matt Mitrione's Ultimate Fighter Blog: I'm Over the Show

Matt Mitrione's Ultimate Fighter Blog: I'm Over the Show



After each week’s episode, TUF 10 cast member Matt Mitrione shares his thoughts about what happened on and off camera.

I said during the show that I just wanted to go home. Now I’m ready for the show to be over. I appreciate the exposure and opportunities I’ve gotten but after every single episode I have to explain stuff.

I don’t understand why they passed over so many things that went on in the house and just showed me. They didn’t show Wessel getting hammered and flipping the pool table, all the show is me. Even when I had a concussion and slept for a couple of days, they backtrack and show stuff from when I walked in after the fight.

I’m completely, 100% over the show. I literally haven’t watched the show since I fought. Even at my viewing parties I don’t watch it. My wife watches it and tells me about it.

This week the drama was about whether or not the doctors would clear me or if I even wanted to fight if they did. I don’t understand what the problem was with them wanting me to decide right then whether or not I was going to fight. The doctor said he’d make a decision on Saturday at 5 p.m. It’s Friday. Leave me alone. Even if my deadline was Friday, leave me alone. But you can’t get away from it, they swarm you.

Dana came to the gym and gave us that speech – it felt like it was mostly directed at me but it’s cool. I view the show and the UFC as completely separate entities. Dana and I are cool. I enjoy him. He tells you what he believes and I respect that.

Next week we’ll find out who’s moving on to The Ultimate Fighter Finale and I can stop worrying about the show.

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  1. It’s a show…and they NEED the ratings….that’s why they keep saying that KIMBO is gonna fight every week. More and more fighters are gonna take another road now other than going on TUF…mainly for the fact that it is a manufactured show. They make people out to be what they want us fans to perceive them.

    IF you knew Matt, you would know that he is the complete opposite of what the show portrays. I can’t wait for the finale…at the end of the day, these guys are gonna do their thing….NO MATTER what the basement-dwelling trolls have to type to show how tough they are (apparently their Affliction or TAPOUT shirt has lost its powers)

  2. FightZen – I was there….I don’t need to watch the show. I know what happened and I choose to remember the way it actually occurred as to the way they choose to recreate it.

    Hammy – Look guy, I can’t argue with your impression of me as I’d probably say the same thing but I assure you I’m slightly more intelligent/calculating than they are making me out to be. Did I always make the best decisions out there, NO, I didn’t but I own up to my mistakes and move on. Im sure in the last 6 weeks you did some dumb shit too and all 3 million people that watch TUF were able to watch the edited versions of your fuck ups, I’d probably call you a “damn retard” too. Ya dig?

  3. I was sure hoping you’d put McSweeney’s lights out, but at least Roy did it and that was very satisfiying. McSweeney was the biggest a-hole on that show by far. OH and Marcus is a freak; after whining about what his kids will think when they watch the show and see that ‘sucks balls’ comment, he flies off into a bleep-laden tirade on the last show… that guy needs some serious therapy, the flowers aren’t doing the job…

  4. straight up this show and sport is not about who you are in the house, but who you are in the octagon. nothing else matters. you gotta take these portrayals with a grain of salt, but nothing can be fabricated in the cage. Matt did his thing and the only people that deserve disrespect are the ones that choose not to fight.

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