Introducing "The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights": Wes Sims

Introducing "The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights": Wes Sims

(Sims on the wrong side of a Daniel Gracie choke. Props to
(Sims on the wrong side of a Daniel Gracie choke. Props to

You already recognize some of names and faces from the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” but there’s a lot you probably still don’t know about this group of 16 heavyweight warriors. Each weekday between now and the Sept. 16 premiere of “The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights,” FIGHT! will introduce two cast members leading up to the introduction of our TUF bloggers.

Wes Sims
Age: 29
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 260 lbs
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Trains: Lancaster, Ohio
MMA record: 22-12-1

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Sims was a star center on the basketball team at Amanda-Clearcreek High School and went on to the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati. Upon his arrival at college, Sims decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling and dropped out after a semester to move back to Columbus in order to train. There, he linked up with Mark Coleman, who had dabbled in professional wrestling. Coleman had a better plan for Sims and convinced him to train in mixed martial arts, believing his size and length would be hard on opponents. Coleman’s instincts proved to be correct, and 10 years of training with Coleman’s Team Hammer House, Sims has compiled more than 20 wins, includin victories in his last three bouts by either knockout or submission.

Sims is no stranger to the Octagon, as he had three fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship between 2003 and 2004, including two losses to former heavyweight champion Frank Mir, with whom he had a heated rivalry. He longs to exact revenge against Mir and “The Ultimate Fighter” is his first step in doing so.

When he’s not training, the charismatic Sims is the owner of a mixed martial arts gym in Ohio and and serves as the chief of the local Police Athletic League which runs youth programs in karate, boxing and grappling.

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  1. Well you can call him an idiot all you want but I am just shocked at the fact I went to school with him and we were in the same class together. He is the first to be a pro. that came from the school we went to.. So down him all you want but at least he acompished something you didn’t. Let me ask you WHO IS THE IDIOT???

  2. Wes Sims is an idiot. He said in The Ultimate Fighter 10 premiere he defeated Frank Mir on 2 separate occations…..WRONG!!
    He got DQ’d because he stomped on Frank when he was down and in the second fight Frank beat him to a pulp.
    This guy thinks hes great, when in reality he doesnt deserve to be on the show. Hes just not that good!

  3. no duh he didnt beat frank mir. right after, he said he never lets the truth get in the way of a true story. Being a spaz, he was still funny, I hope he makes it to the fanale with kimbo slice. I hope they have the best heavyweight fight the usc has ever had then they can both get contracts.

  4. I would like to see wes fight a couple of Lancaster’s best in Undefeated Mark Opperman or Lancaster’s best Tommy Wells. Wes is a loud mouth bully that has no ground game and will only win the ultimate fighter to be bitch slapped back to the Hammer House by Brock Lessnar if Frank Mir don’t get to do it first

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